I Miss You

I miss you.

I could go on, but I don’t know what else I could add that would matter. Or change it.

I don’t even know that I would change the feeling, if I could – missing you is a result of loving you. That you are not here is nothing I can control. (And control is a delusion I have never really seen the value of. Do I wish it were possible for you to be here with me, in a positive context? Sure. But I wouldn’t want to “control” that – if that was possible, it would be my choice – if it was also your choice.) I don’t want to deny what I feel, or let those feelings die. I love you. You aren’t here. So I miss you.

What can I add?

It is what it is?

Well, that is true, but redundant. Stating it in the present says what it is, and that it is.

But I just wanted to say that what is, is.

I miss you.