L Resorts To A-ing My Own Qs, #5, I Think, But Maybe A Different Number, What Do I Look Like, A Number Counting Person?

Q: Why is it that I am making up questions to answer instead of sleeping like a person?

A: If I knew the answer to the latter part of my question, I would be asleep now, wouldn’t I?

Q: Why am I answering a question with a question?

A: Man, my perpetual impatience with people who take their time responding is annoying. I wasn’t done answering, and I was going to answer my question with a question and then a statement.

Q: Uh, I guess to make this a “Q” I have to respond in the interrogative… I’m sorry?

A: In A to your Q, Q, I am making up questions to answer because (a) It amuses me; (b) A question is necessary to carry on with this Q & A format; and (c) My mom’s a question!

Q: What does that even mean, “My mom’s a question?”

A: Not for the first nor last time, Q: Shut yer face.













© Lisa Hurley

L Resorts To A-ing My Own Qs, #1

Q: Would you say that maybe eating and sleeping like a person might prevent this sort of senseless corruption of the advice column format?

A: I think I raise a really good question there, me. My question is flawed, however, as my body would need to be capable of doing things that most humans can accomplish unconsciously.













© Lisa Hurley