I love you.

I don’t know if I will finish the longer thing I started writing today.

If I don’t, fuck it, I will finish it later, or I won’t.

Not everything important is complicated, even if we pretend it is, so we can avoid what we fear.

Today is Christmas. And if you are someone I love, and you are here because, for whatever reason, you won’t approach me directly, then for you, this is the gift I have to give, that I hope is one that will bring you something good: I love you.

I love you if you don’t love me.

I love you if you treat me hatefully.

I love you if I don’t believe you love me.

I love you if you don’t believe I love you.

That isn’t lunacy, or masochism.

Love is sanity beyond sanity.

I love you.

Be happy.

Be healthy.

Take care of yourself.

Know you are worth the more difficult path.

Take it, if that is the way your happiness lies.

Whether your Christmas is merry or miserable – and no matter what, I hope it is happy, I hope you will allow yourself to be happy – I love you.

I love you.