Goodnight, interwebs.

It has been a long, thought-provoking, sinuses-still-possibly-infected, hard-drive-still-held-hostage, never-finished-writing-that-who-the-fuck-knows-thing, self-doubting, web-browsing, getting-really-tired-of-being-patient-and-compassionate-with-people-who-are-never-sorry-for-acting-like-dicks-but-I-refuse-to-become-a-dick-so-I-will-carry-on-with-my-worn-tissue-thin-patience-to-the-best-of-my-substantial-ability-but-still-sad-about-the-dickness, at-least-I-did-laundry, bummer-ted-talk-watching, ebbing-and-flowing-anxiety, ridiculously-exercising-my-brutalized-hands, turkey-leftover-eating, wishing-tomorrow-is-vastly-better, surprised-by-a-burrowed-cat, tired-but-not-able-to-sleep, still-awake-enough-to-prolongedly-hyphenate kind of day.

Whoever you are, I wish us both pleasant sleep tonight and  a more pleasant series of hyphenates than above to accurately describe our days tomorrow.


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